Semi Permanent Makeup & Microblading



What is SMPU/Microblading?
Semi permanent makeup or micro pigmentation is a specialised aesthetic procedure whereby tiny mineral pigments are implanted into the skin using micro-needles with a state of the art digital machine or specially adapted blades. The treatment is perfect for brows that have been over plucked, alopecia suffers or hairs that are thinned with age to create a more defined brow. Microblading is a highly skilled manual procedure originating in the Far East using a hand-held tool to create feather-like hairs. SMPU can last for approximately 2 years depending on your skin and lifestyle with recommended top ups between 6-18 months.

Why do I need a colour boost?
Here at Bombshell, we recommend a colour boost between 6-18 months to keep your eyebrows looking their best, your skin age and lifestyle will be a contributing factor to the fading of your eyebrows.

Hair stroke or powdered – inclusive of a 4-6 week top up
Hair stroke or powered – inclusive of a 4-6 week top up
Colour boost – 6-12 months £100
Colour boost – 12-18 months £150
Lip Blush/Lip Liner
Free consultation – inclusive of a 2-4 week top up

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